​​Renee Boutelle - Vocals, Percussion


Renee began singing in choirs starting in Middle School, and did so all the way through college. She earned her Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX.  She's sung with several bands in and around the Houston area, performing Rock, Country, Jazz, R&B, Blues, and Dance Hits. Pastimes include reading, spending time with her family, cooking and singing (of course)!  Her favorite colors are green and pink... and she also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.   

Steven Callahan - Keyboards, Digital Synthesizer, Vocals

Clinical psychologist by day, BackBeat rock ‘n roll star by night, Steven has an extensive musical background. Initially influenced by the Beatles, he enjoys all musical styles. Steven has performed in a number of prominent groups and in a variety of theater performances over the years. In his spare time, he looks for underlying psychological meanings in song lyrics.

William Matthews - Drums 

Not only is William the President of his own company, a real estate agent, and an inventor, you can also find him playing drums for several different churches in the greater Houston area and now and then with the Mason Granade Band in Monroe Louisiana (when not drumming for BackBeat, that is!). William is an accomplished ASCAP artist with 3 CDs and an EP to his credit and definitely the fashion plate of the band.

Rob Shulman - Lead Guitar, Vocals 

When not wearing a tie and acting presentable as a physician on the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Rob is slinging a guitar. Instead of singing the praises of kids as a pediatrician, he is singing to anyone who will listen. Rob has played in many bands and worked in the studio both as musician and engineer. Despite this, the other members of Backbeat were willing to give him another chance.

Alison Zollars - Percussion, Vocals 

To the never-ending delight of her parents, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors and acquaintances, Alison has been singing and dancing from the time she could stand up and open her mouth. To make amends, as an adult she has allied herself with BackBeat. She has found rock percussion to be a surprisingly expressive art form, and pretty much thinks that that any song without AT LEAST a tambourine part is "just plain boring!"